15 July 2011

Awareness Campaign : Say No To Legging!

Legging is bad. it's something dirty. No good coming out of it. It's only makes them look uglier as the following pictures shows. Get what i meant? Kenapa Legging ni bodoh and nampak bodoh? yeah, its really looks like stupid. sila2 lihat dibawah!

and yes, please note that i did not own and will not take an ownership of these images. i am simply received these and share it for a good purpose! you may seen these at leggingseksi. i think they already at this quite a long time..

I, mRaXZLan hereby declaring to give my full support to this campaign. you guys may be copy/repost/backlinks/emailed this article as you wish for the sole purpose of sharing is caring.

Salah tetap salah. Lawan tetap lawan!

What we can do? please spread this campaign to your friends!

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