31 March 2011

What is FACEBOOK is all about?


Bung Mokhtar : Siapa kate Perempuan adalah pemandu yang teruk?

Siapa kata?

Like the cat above? huh?



Saudara saudari?

None of them but me. yeah, i say woman is considerably suck at driving..

29 March 2011

Double rainbow sighted!

Date Taken : 27.3.2011
Place : Taman Mawar, Pasir Gudang
Time : 07.12PM

 these rainbow formed right after heavy rain pouring down upon my current resident at Pasir Gudang..

24 March 2011

Smart people know when to move on.

A wise man once sat in the audience & cracked a joke.
All laughed like crazy. 

11 March 2011

The Fucked-Up Melais!

Hello. Konnichiwa dear readers.

Note that no picture placed here due to certain sensitive issue.

From the title, I bet you all is already get the point. Some of you might think this as same old boring issues yet some would think they shouldn’t give a cow shit. See the color now?

Yes, the main targeted audiens here now is the fucked up melais. Yes, you the main pribumi lived in malay soil..

08 March 2011

The Stereotypical "Gemilang" on TV3.

hello semua..
salam sejahtera..
don't mistaken the title..it's just acting as attention whore..
semua mesti sudah tonton drama Gemilang..di TV3 right?
so, what did you guys say? Does the drama good? Inspiring?
well, let hear out what am i feeling about this drama shall we?

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