10 June 2011

Senai-Desaru Highway is finally opened!

Plus maps on the new Senai-Desaru route finally be opened today!

E22 has been fully completed and opened to public starting from 10 June 2011. The final stretch from Cahaya Baru to Desaru is approximately 27 km in length which includes the Single Plane Cable-Stayed Bridge across Sg Johor that ends at the Penawar Interchange. 

With the linkage to Desaru, Desaru will be truly rejuvenated and is expected to increase the number of visitors, both locals and foreigners to Desaru. Tourists will be attracted by its golf courses, sea activities and fabulous seafood restaurants. Other tourist attractions in the East include Desaru Fruit Farm, Ostrich Farm, Crocodile Farm, etc. E22 also enables people from various parts of western Johor to travel frequently to Desaru. 

With the completion of the highway, traveling distance from Ulu Tiram to Penawar is reduced by 16 km while traveling time reduced by 1 hour. 

Read 2nd post as for the updates here!

Dear readers,

ini petikan dari website PLUS. Since i really want to go to the east side of Johor, this is just a really good news for me! juga berita baik untuk kalian semua. 

dengan siapnya lebuhraya ini, perjalanan yang dahulunya dari Ulu Tiram ke Bandar Penawar telah dipendekkan kepaa 1 jam sahaja!

Also note that for this entire month, tiada fee toll akan dikenakan as a opening promotion. so grab this opportunities and move your asses over there!!

along the way pasti ada banya hotspot or tourism spot yang pastinya menarik!

sila tunggu post update dari saya regarding the hotspot there and i'll snap out few decent pictures from there!

wait ya!

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