26 April 2011

Ko penah kena tindih mase tido?

korang pernah kena tindih mase tido?
macam mane rasenye?
macam kena tindih?
macam kena duduk kan?
macam ado batu bosa yg tongah  baik punyo dudok atas kome sume mase tido?
berpeluh2, complete paralyses,raso nak terberok?
some guy said this is nonsense while others believe it and surely there is an logical explanation for the phenomenon.
sure there is and you just have to type it at google san. you'll find alot of it. have time to read.
correct term for this is sleep paralysis.
some said macam2 sebab yg menyumbang kearah fenomena ini. most of them clinically researched and all based to logically.
well, if it is logical for you, its for you la kan..
but others?

22 April 2011

Berlaku sekali dalam 823 Tahun? Kena Tengok!

Dear readers.

this is real shit. the calendar might look familiar, but wait!

That's July calendar. this July 2011.

20 April 2011

my blog layout changed, again!


i have spending a little time to transform my blog layout. because for some unsured factor contributing to some certain failure, i decided to change it.

it take times more than i expected!

19 April 2011

Great secret revealed! How to fake web pages?

hello dear readers..
you might remember last entry about usop wilcha facebook. 
dou you ever thought how to do it?

macam mane nak buat website facebook versi usop wilcha?

tau? tau ke x?

macam atas ni?

dan begitu juga seperti ribuan faked website pages yang anda pernah lihat sebelum ni?

ini jawapannya!

07 April 2011

Usop Wilca punye Fesbok!!


How to know your site's IP address?

just so for your information, you might need to know your site's IP address. here it is.

you can check it out here at this Online URL To IP Converter.

its a handy tool easily for you to know the IP address of any site you desire for.

just simply tye in the proper address @ URL and click "Get IP Info".


06 April 2011

How to add "Related Post" to your blog?

2. fill in your email, blog link platform and set the width to show how many post in it. note that you might need to login to your email.

3. click Get Widget

4. click "Install Widget". for the rest, follow the instruction.

5. Done!

Jom Cakap Omputeh!!

p/s : baca betol2, dari atas smpai bawah..kompom lpas ni terus pandai ckp omputeh! hehe!

The politician should stop arguing whether to teach maths and science in B.M or English but to move on like EU !!

The European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will be the official language of the European Union rather than German, which was the other possibility.

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