17 November 2009

Install Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) to a Flash Drive in Windows

USB Ultimate Boot CD Screenshot:


Distribution Home Page: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com

Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 256MB+

Persistent Feature: No

USB Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) prerequisites:

  • UBCDfix2.exe (does the USB conversion)


  • USB flash drive (fat32 formatted)

  • A windows host PC to perform the build

Simple USB Ultimate Boot CD How-To:

  1. Download and launch UBCDfix2.exe, a UBCD folder is created

  2. Download the UBCD ISO and move to your UBCD folder

  3. From the UBCD folder, click fixubcd2.bat and follow the onscreen instructions

  4. Reboot and set your computer to Boot from the USB device

  5. On next launch, you should be booting Ultimate Boot CD from your USB stick

Update 05/19/08: The script now moves the extracted files to the flash drive automatically. It has been tested to work in both XP and Vista.

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