26 February 2011

Shitty freaking daily life...

nothing out of ordinary..
fleeing to MITC..
searching for a decent hand blow-jobs..
nothing much thou..
head as heavy as cow shit..
gotta spend much more money..
for car's repairment..
shitty thing..

25 February 2011

Rahsia untuk beristeri seramai 39 orang?

This is a guy who actually married to 39 woman...
look at all of his wife's and children...

Love letter for Mr Bill Gates!!

Open Letter
To: Bill Gates of Microsoft
From: Banta Singh of Punjab

Subject: Problems with my new computer

Dear Mr. Bill Gates,

We have bought a computer for our home and we have found some problems, which I want to bring to your notice.

20 February 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Images, with quote on it!

here is the funniest quoted-image i gathered all around the net. please enjoy and treasure every messages in it. cheers!

12 February 2011

The annoying Mentor!

hye. selamat hari hari. didn't you guys ever care to know anything about Mentor, a reality-oriented program on searching talent on singing? i do. i do care. been following it since the first season. and i'd say, it sucks. yeah lads, it suck you to the sack!!

09 February 2011

That's Okay by That Effing Show

hey guys, love to introduce you guys with this MV. i love the way they spout every damn word.. its very true..it is really kena batang hindung sendiri!! i dont know the singer, but these guys pretty decent la..some of the guy in video you might familiar with..

a bit word from the original source.
Is Malaysia getting you down? Tired of those traffic jams and flash floods? Tired of listening to those same old talking heads and their slogans? Feeling like you want to just throw in the towel and give up?

Well we at That Effing Show have something to say. That it's all fine. That it's okay. Kita sudah kautim. Paravaillay.

Because we are the world. We are the children. We are the all singing all dancing machas. And we're back. This time, we have horns! We have trumpets! We are higher and fi-er than ever before. Heck, we even scored ourselves a special musical guest star. Check it.
the song's is "That's Okay" please enjoy the lyrics below. sing along guys!!

alamak-alamak-alamak!! by Salam feat Altimet.

HEY GUYS.. WANNA introduce you with this songs.. actually this is my kind type of music, catchy, reggae, and easy listening. have fun.click video to play. Founded Here. Please sing along with lyrics below. You might want to download this mp3. please be note that i did not own the link. Please download Here.

Bagaimana nak kawal marah?

aku.marah.bengang. aku selalu nak marah.aku x tau. maybe aku berdarah cancer.maybe aku bertangan kidal.tp kenapa aku marah?sebab aku bengang.aku bengang sebab tu aku marah.tapi aku xsuka marah2.jadi aku cuba beberapa cara untuk kurangkan amarah yang membakar. marah itu api syaitan. sila baca : 

Annoying people with annoying behaviour - Pt 1

i may sound like a true haters. you may called me emo boy or nagging boy. but believe I've met guys who so annoyed that makes me write this continuous posts about annoying people. please spend your little time reading this post. you may turn to find out that we have some things in common :

01 February 2011

Kisah seram-sirap (Banglo Angker)

9 tahun lepas aku dpt smbung bljar kt uitm shah alam. So,perkara pertama yg kna fikir ialah aku nk duk mn sbb ak xdpt hostel. Oleh sbb kerajinan & keperihatinan yg ada kt aku n kwn2,maka dpt le aku ngn kwn2 aku umah sewa.....dekat2 area seksyen 2. Berhampiran ngan wet world [kalo korang tau la].

Uma tu bunglow 2 tingkat ngan 4 bilik. 3 bilik kt atas n 1 bilik kt bwh. Kitorg semua berlapan,kiranya 2 org utk 1 blk la. Aku ringkaskan je la,kitorg msuk umah tu ngan perasaan berbelah bahagi. best, suke, pelik, rimas, takut semua ada.
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