23 September 2011

People talks...

Mouth + Tongue = Speak
Brain + Mouth = Talk
Brain + Mouth + Tongue = Discuss

yes every able body of human being can speak..except for a mute..
its as simple as breath..
you talks, speak out, to someone,everyone,anything...
some people loves to talk, yet not a single beneficiary output out of it...
some talks, put up some action, yet still resulting of rubbish and trash..
some also loves to shout rather than speak..these kind of chimpanzee is a pea-brained homo-sapien..
they speak with their emotion all over their head..
while some would dare to put their mouth to a fight...rather than sweating blue-sweat to fight and defends the beliefs of theirs..
some might speaking through keyboards and letters...

you may be talking,..
no matter what shit came out of it..
what matter is, is that even really matter to hear it out?

man's life valued over its worthiness of being alive being...
is your life worthy?

Maxis Celcom DiGi U-Mobile Tune-Talk

Mobile Broadband
Maxis? damn expensive,but in its own isolated class
Celcom? pretty affordable, considerably cheaper than Maxis..not-that-bad connection..
DiGi? far cheaper than those 2..yet i amazed of its freaking slow connection..
U-Mobile? Still hiking its way to the summit..still a baby actually, cant depend on it thou..
Tune-Talk? are you seriously asking me that?go eat some warm cow shit!

Im tired!

some times, few seconds, you'll might meet up a moment where you are tired of everything..
even simplest things do..
you were tired not by lacks of energy..
its something only a living being could feel..
by default,  you are getting pretty damn tired of your working life...
smashing, busting your body to the bones...
just for a piece of paper called money...
why can't we live out our life simply by live the life to the happiest ever?

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