28 June 2011

21 June 2011

Saya tak nak ingat itu semua!

Dear readers,

don't you want to forget something..? something that bad, sad memories?
saya juga mahu lupakan sesuatu perkara.
yang menjengkelkan.
yang menyakitkan.
yang menyedihkan.

i prefer to forget it rather than to forgive it.

i am not easily into forgiving anyone.

but, to love is to forgive.
i know that.
so, even sekarang sy msih cuba untuk memaafkan.

so bagaimana nak lupakan something?
even anyone will try to remember more and more things eveyrday..
but kita juga kena tau macamna nak lupakan and let go some things too..
in fact, actually its not that easy to forget just by not thinking of it..

There are still some instances when you just remember them out of the blue, or you encounter things, events, and people which remind you of those memories-and these cannot be avoided. 

but at least we try, and we have.. 

wanna know how i'm doing it?

16 June 2011

Thrilling trip to Desaru Beach Pt 1

Dear readers..

these are shots i've taken from Desaru beach..
this is just my liking of taking sceneric views rather than picture of human...  i am appreceating nature just a little more than a human.. sy dah edit these pics and add some flavour to it....
as you can see sy de buat adjustment mostly on the color tone so gambar ni nampak macam cantik??hehe
anyway anyone can comment on these pics...
its been my favorite.. cheers!! please wait for more updates of this!

Amazing Eminem Violin Cover by Eric Stanley!

in case you have problem viewing this video, pleas go here instead. Thanks!

15 June 2011

50 Tips Membentuk diri ke arah Suami Mithali

Petikan ini dipetik dari Buku "Langkah Bestari Suami MIthali" karya Dato' Dr Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah. Sila ambil ikhtibar dan pengajaran dimana salah silap kita kerana manusia itu lemah sifatnya.

1. Pasang niat dan berdoa untuk menjadi suami terbaik. Tanpa berniat dan berdoa anda tidak mungkin jadi suami yang cemerlang. Ramai suami terlupa.

2. Bersyukur kerana mempunyai pasangan hidup. Yakinlah bahawa isteri anda adalah pasangan terbaik yang Tuhan tentukan untuk anda. Ketentuan Tuhan adalah yang terbaik.

3. Suami mithali menjadi kebanggaan isteri. Pastikan anda membentuk sifat positif dan istimewa. Cuba tanya diri apakah sifat atau amalan yang boleh dibanggakan oleh isteri anda.

4. Setiap hari pulang dengan senyum dan bersemangat. Apabila suami tersenyum, isteri dan anak-anak akan bahagia dan rahmat Tuhan akan turun. Senyumlah apabila sampai ke rumah.

5. Pastikan anda ada masa untuk berbual dengan isteri setiap hari. Semua isteri bahagia apabila dapat berbual dengan suami. Berapa minit yang anda luangkan unutk berbual dengan isteri setiap hari ?

12 June 2011

Bagaimana nak buat seks secara selamat?

REMINDER : This post might be a little controversial. You see, some people mungkin tak dapat terima keterbukaan yang ditonjolkan dalam post ni. Please be alerted that no such races, religions or in-person ever related to this post. Just open up your mind a little. This is not a time to get butt-hurted for such matter!

This post is specially dedicated to all teenagers, adik2, abg2, akak2. Moral yg ingin ditekankan disini adalah untuk educate kita teenagers sume mengenai Sex education. sy juga pernah post something pasla these kind of things at here about The Fucked Up Melais. pelase have a look. please admit yourself that you guys know nothing about sexual penetration. stop believing the old-unconfirmed myths! for your own sake, it's time to get educated.and please ignore this post title, its just for the sake of attracting you guys here! hehe

Updated-Senai-Desaru Highway is finally opened

Please refer to the Ver. 1 of this post at : 

And so, for the updates, i have snapped few decent images worth to be shown here regarding the new E22 Expressway Senai-Desaru newly opened on last Friday.

10 June 2011

Kita dikala kesunyian.....

Dear readers....

what a life when we are alone..
apakah kehidupan bilamana kita dilanda kesunyian...
sunyi dari hilai tawa..
sunyi dari perhatian.. 
sunyi senyap sepi...
sunyi selalu dikaitkan dengan sendirian...

tanpa teman..
tanpa pendamping..
tanpa sesiapa..
setiap masa..tiada siapa yang dapat lari dari kesunyian..
lantas apa yang layak dikerjakan sekiranya kita di dalam kesunyian?

perkara - perkara yang mampu menghilangkan kebosanan?
layan internet..
layan facebook..
layan anime..
layan blogspot..
layan game..
layan movie..
layan mp3..
layan gambar..
layan diri...(hehehe)

Senai-Desaru Highway is finally opened!

Plus maps on the new Senai-Desaru route finally be opened today!

E22 has been fully completed and opened to public starting from 10 June 2011. The final stretch from Cahaya Baru to Desaru is approximately 27 km in length which includes the Single Plane Cable-Stayed Bridge across Sg Johor that ends at the Penawar Interchange. 

With the linkage to Desaru, Desaru will be truly rejuvenated and is expected to increase the number of visitors, both locals and foreigners to Desaru. Tourists will be attracted by its golf courses, sea activities and fabulous seafood restaurants. Other tourist attractions in the East include Desaru Fruit Farm, Ostrich Farm, Crocodile Farm, etc. E22 also enables people from various parts of western Johor to travel frequently to Desaru. 

With the completion of the highway, traveling distance from Ulu Tiram to Penawar is reduced by 16 km while traveling time reduced by 1 hour. 

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