29 January 2012

Further Study Tapi Part Time? Part 1

dear readers..
guess this is my first written post for year 2012.
well congrats me!

idea menulis mula membuak buak keluar jadi i don't wanna waste it away.
so i want to share with you guys about furthering study..
i'm a working guy earning few decent bucks per month basis.
  i have gain my diploma in Computer Engineering in year 2009. been working about 2 years.
kenapa tiba tiba sambung study?

okay, some of you might think why continue study when you have hold money in your hand monthly.
well, i should say this is for the sake of bright future..actually guys with just a diploma in your hands, your life is easy to predicted. you will be a technician for thenext 10 years, if you lucky you might get promoted to technical engineer. 
but that's it. to qualify you to gain the upper level of job like engineer, or management staff, you might not stand a chance as you are now.
my point is, with a diploma, you wont go anywhere for the next 15 years of your life. worth it or isn't?

so, berbekalkan semangat itu dan some sense in mind jadi saya pun pergi ke OUM JB dan mendaftarkan diri saya untuk sesi pengambilan September 2011. easy.

so why OUM?
let me tell you other choices besides OUM.
UTM-Space and other national Uni such UKM UITM UPM and much more. they also provide some long distance-part time study. usually they'll advertise it on some local newspaper.

so again why OUM?

the fee. RM21K for the whole degree course. that is for IT lah. sound reasonable right? 
the fee is not too expensive, not too cheap. it's affordable even for someone half-rich like me.
okay decent joke.
untuk setiap semestar, anda hanya perlu bayar RM1600 payment for the whole semester. jika your monthly salary is RM1600, does it hard to pay them? No kan?
some more, you don't have to pay the whole lump sum of the fee. 
boleh bayar ansur-ansur tanpa interest.
just to start the semester, a RM770 minimum payment is needed. well, boleh la kan?
awesome? yeahhhh

there are 3 semestar per year.
each semestar end in a 4 month period. so that's mean 1 semestar consists 4 month study period.
example, January to April 2012 is the period of new semester.
at the 4th month, final exam will be held.
pretty much flexible kan.3 month study then boleh ambil final exam terus. menjimatkan masa berbanding pengajian sepenuh masa yang mengambil masa 6 bulan per semester. 
so each year you will got through 3 semester. 
ha? xde lah busy sangat. 1 tahun 3 semester? boleh je.

1 sem 1 tugasan bagi setiap modul.
sikit sangat? hello working class?? kalu bagi lebih2 pon boleh ke siapkan assignment on time?
soalan tugasan is not that hard. it's a standard question for degree level so i think you can handle it pretty much easy. tapi all work must be done by you youself. no copy paste. no kopi susu. all is your own efforts. believe me it's really worth doing all that. 
hasil usaha diri sendiri, di hari kemudian kelak akan terasa betapa manisnya saat itu.

To be continue.....

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