15 December 2009

Hiren's BootCD From USB Flash Drive

1) Connect a 256 MB or above flash drive.

2) Download and run USB Disk Storage Format (34 KB).

Step 1

3) Download and run grub4dos.zip (148 KB).

Step 2

4) Copy grldr and menu.lst into the usb drive.

5) Insert Hiren's BootCD in the CD Drive and Copy everything from CD to USB Flash Drive.

Latest View of the USB Flash Drive


- Make sure you set your computer to boot from USB Flash Drive
To Enter the BIOS press the "Del" button on your keyboard. Alternatives are "F1", "F2", "Insert", and "F10". Some PC's BIOS might even require a different key to be pressed. Commonly a PC will show a message like "Press [Del] to enter Setup" to indicate that you need to press the "Del" key. Some AMI BIOS require you to enable the option "USB Keyboard Legacy support"!
  • Go to "Feature Setup". "Enable" these options: "USB Function Support",
    "USB Function For DOS" and "ThumbDrive for DOS". Go to "Advanced Setup".
    Set the "1st Boot Device" to "USB RMD-FDD".
    Reboot the PC and it now should boot from the Usb Stick.

  • Go to "USB Mass Storage Device Configuration". Select "Emulation Type"
    and set it to "Harddisk". Go to the "Boot Menu" and set the "1st boot device" to "USB-Stick". Exit the BIOS, saving the changes.
    you can try "Emulation Type" to "Floppy" or "Forced FDD".
  • Go to "Advanced BIOS Features". Go to the "1st Boot device" and set it to "USB-ZIP".
- If you get GRLDR error then use syslinux to boot grub4dos (132 KB).

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