04 December 2009

How To Install Wine On Debian-Linux

Debian-based distributions utilize a special tool for managing packages known as APT. APT is able to automagically install all of the needed dependencies for a software package, as well as keep the package up to date, by scanning what are known as APT repositories. Debian-based distributions have their own repositories of software that include Wine, however we keep our own repository of the latest available beta packages here for download.

This repository contains packages for i386 and amd64 architecture.
To install wine packages you can use two methods: add the repository or download a .deb package and manually install it, but first of all you have to remove older wine version. If you use the first method you'll have wine automatically upgraded by apt, otherwise you'll need to manually download and install every new version.

Remove old version

Open a terminal
su #to log as root
apt-get remove libwine wine #to remove outdated version of wine

Method 1: Add the repository

Open a terminal
su #to log as root
gedit /etc/apt/sources.list #to open repository file with a text editor (you can use gedit or another)
Add this line for Lenny: deb http://www.lamaresh.net/apt lenny main
Add this line for Squeeze: deb http://www.lamaresh.net/apt squeeze main
Add this line for Sid: deb http://www.lamaresh.net/apt sid main
Save and close sources.list
wget -O - http://www.lamaresh.net/apt/key.gpg | apt-key add - #to add gpg key
apt-get update #to update package list
apt-get install wine #to install latest wine version

Method 2: Download .deb and manually install it

Chose a .deb package from binary list and save it in your home directory
Open a terminal
cd ~ #to go to your home directory
su #to log as root
dpkg -i wine_1.1.xxx.deb #change xxx with your chosen package, this will install wine.

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