11 March 2011

The Fucked-Up Melais!

Hello. Konnichiwa dear readers.

Note that no picture placed here due to certain sensitive issue.

From the title, I bet you all is already get the point. Some of you might think this as same old boring issues yet some would think they shouldn’t give a cow shit. See the color now?

Yes, the main targeted audiens here now is the fucked up melais. Yes, you the main pribumi lived in malay soil..

Just so you would familiar with words “Love”. Yes, typical ironically word called Love. Here, in case somebody might get rusty of their brain let me tell you what Love is all about.

Love, for me is a feeling. Pure, innocent, crucial and also blind. Without love, you are no one. Without it, you just nobody. And without it, you are not fully alive and kicking ass.es Let’s put a dot for it now. You’ll get to the point didn’t you..?

Al right. We move on. Love Is powerful. Turning a good boy gone badass boy. That’s when you misuse the power of love. Let see, most wonderful scenario, you love her/him, both of you being such a devout Warak muslims, afraid of Dosa and decided to get married quickly, life so cherish, got kids and live happily ever after. To this point, your life is already perfected by a group of people called Family. That’s the good story. Live happily ever after.

The bad one? You love him/her way too much, finally till you fuck him/her in the name of love, then she’s get pregnant, don’t want a baby, doing abortion, or gave the baby to strangers or the dust bin or the dogs to be eaten alive. At the same time your family is already throw you away or don’t even want to recognized you as their child. That’s when we should say, you’ve been fucked. You, your parents and your whole family will bear the sin and embarrassment for the rest of your pitiful life.

See the point? Or you want me to point it out by numbers? Okay, I’ll give you some useful info:

1.       Till this year from 2000, there are already 2000 illegal babies reported unborn to this Malay land.

2.       Most cases, to be truth majorities of the cases done by a Melais Muslim.

3.       The underage are the majorities of the doers
4.       The ultimate reason of this is caused by uncontrolled publication of porn stuff, definitely caused by the Internet.

5.       Most of the doers did not aware that having unprotected sex will cause pregnancy.

6.       It’s the child who did it, but the parents are to be blamed ultimately for their lack of awareness.

7.       Most of them done it to fulfill their wild curiosity about how to do sex.

Okay, that should be sufficient.  But, ultimately why does this happen? Aren’t we doing something about this? Did we really do? Do you have these answered? 

Most curcial question, why is the Melais is the top on the list of this shit? Why?

The poor bastard Melais is fucked.
Ok, i'm gonna let you guys figure out the answer yourself.

We can’t totally prevent this from happening, but at least we must keep raising continuous awareness of these melais people. These tips should help a lot :

1.       Do not abandon your faith in Muslim.
2.       Keep learning and practicing Islam.
3.       Listen well to your parent’s advices.
4.       Do not watch porn at such a young age.
5.       Friends are important but family is everything.
6.       Choose a right friend.
8.       Do not ever give everything to someone you love before a proper marriage.
9.       Islam did not recognize Couple as legal relationship.
       If you can’t stand the Nafsu, get married.

Lastly, listen to Kalau Berpacaran collaboration by AR,Ultimet and Mior. Hehehe!!


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