31 March 2011

Bung Mokhtar : Siapa kate Perempuan adalah pemandu yang teruk?

Siapa kata?

Like the cat above? huh?



Saudara saudari?

None of them but me. yeah, i say woman is considerably suck at driving..

no need to say more..

most of woman realize that..all men dare not to defy that. see below?

but have a time to read other related articles wrote by Professor Dr. Ahmad Farhan Mohd Sadullah Here. 

truly, based on my real-life experience, as a man speaking, we believe that the percentage for a woman driver to produce a cause that leading to a potentioal of an accident to happen is higher than a men. this is regardless of other typical reason and causes.

they might outdo us men in various other things, but specifically speaking for driving, the woman need to laid back and leave the job to the manly men.

didn't believe it? that i have tonnes of images and videos showing how "good" are the woman driver..!hahaha...!!
but wait..i did not place all the blame to woman.. i did not!

we already know that when it comes to driving a car, men always been aggressive, tend to show their unpleasant attitude towards other driver, higher chances to break law, and more to a risk-taker than a woman. believe me. 
based to statistics and research,  men always on the top list, but slightly same for the woman. in some cases, the number of woman driver involved in car crash is on the same par as men, but being involved and causing accident is two different scenario. 

speaking of being involved in car crash, usually its the men who is the main culprit. dare not to defy it. we man dare to slam and crash others car due to the compilation of anger and ego!

not all woman are a bad driver, not if they're an experienced driver. woman tends to drive slowly due to avoid possibility of car crash.

we may talk this over and over till the dawn to the day, but still we can change the fact that we, human, regardless of gender, is the main factor to the possibilities of accident..

let's just stick to the safety tips shall we? when some of our own family died because of accident, there is no more fun blabbing about this. its always better to prevent than to cure. lets be a good drive, dear fellow brothers and sister. its awfully unbearable to live on and face the fact that someone we loved died because of accident that can be and always can be avoided with good precaution steps.

Happy driving. Safe go and save back!

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xsemua teruk.xsemua bgs :)

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