26 April 2011

Ko penah kena tindih mase tido?

korang pernah kena tindih mase tido?
macam mane rasenye?
macam kena tindih?
macam kena duduk kan?
macam ado batu bosa yg tongah  baik punyo dudok atas kome sume mase tido?
berpeluh2, complete paralyses,raso nak terberok?
some guy said this is nonsense while others believe it and surely there is an logical explanation for the phenomenon.
sure there is and you just have to type it at google san. you'll find alot of it. have time to read.
correct term for this is sleep paralysis.
some said macam2 sebab yg menyumbang kearah fenomena ini. most of them clinically researched and all based to logically.
well, if it is logical for you, its for you la kan..
but others?

but, does you really care to know what is it really?
kenapa kita ditindih semasa tido?
actually, every people have a chances untuk mengalaminya.
and people who experienced it tend to forget it already as they take it as the most frightening moment of their life.
doe s it scared the shit out of you?
well, for those who haven't experienced it, you might typically said no.

well, believe me its more than meet the eyes.
tanya sajalah mereka yg pernah kena.
its was like nyawa yg berada di hujung tanduk..
like anytime your soul's gonna flew away from this mortal plane.
yes, you might heard some people actually died in their sleep.
well, this is the nearest things being related to it..
according to them, macam kena duduk dengan makhluk berbulu yang besar, i mean humongous.
big enough to make your body numb from head to the toe.
from your naked eye, you won't see a damn thing.
but for those who are special, and able to see 'things', they can see it!
i dont mean to be karut marut tahyul punye person, but we're talking on another different side of view here..
but, for the rest of us normal people, we really did not want to see it at all, right?
let them be transparent all the time. let them be in their own world.
to be truth, when it happen, your whole body is numbed. even you can't lift a finger at all.

lupa nak baca fatihah, surah kursi pon tah kemana.
well, the thing is, your ibu jari kaki is movable. why? because it is where that thing entering your body.
maksud aku dari ibu jari kaki la benda2 halus ni masuk dan mengacau kamu. same shit for similar kind of this thing.

so, despite reciting Al Fatihah, or Al Kursi, or other Surah, make sure to move your ibu jari kaki ya? some said it should help you to loosen it a bit and slowly regain consciousness and control over your body.

just bace Al Kursi and Selawat sebelom tido ok?
orang2 tua kate kalu tido jgn trlentang..
pastu jgn tido bwh plng bumbung..
ntah le, kalu kate efektif, korang try le sendri!
jangan biarkan tidur anda diduduki...


CIK TOM said...

tak pernah plk..tp kwn yg pernah kena ckp rasa cam mimpi je...tak tahu tue betul ke x?wallahualam..

۞мŘ╬äҖŽĽäŊ۞ said...

tu le..tulis ats pengalaman kawan2..
so far, xpenah lagi jugak...

Muhammad Burn said...

biasa kena...

Miss Barbie said...

seram nyerr~~

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