19 April 2011

Great secret revealed! How to fake web pages?

hello dear readers..
you might remember last entry about usop wilcha facebook. 
dou you ever thought how to do it?

macam mane nak buat website facebook versi usop wilcha?

tau? tau ke x?

macam atas ni?

dan begitu juga seperti ribuan faked website pages yang anda pernah lihat sebelum ni?

ini jawapannya!

The purpose is to have fun, make a good humor with friends and dear readers, and its not actually a hacking.. its just changing your web browser (firefor,IE,opera) into editable windows, just like Word or notepad.

so nak tau macam mane mereka buat?

it's easy!
javascript: document.body.contentEditable = 'true';document.designMode = 'on'; void 0
 just copy the code, go to your web browser, paste it at address bar on any opened web pages.

1. go to any web, ie google.com

 2. paste the code at address bar without the previous URL.

3. now your browser became editable,just like Word!!

Hahaha..have fun.this is for fun and fun only!!

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