27 May 2011

Eh, burung ape tu?

Dear readers...
reader maybe pernah tengok video ini versi Malay.
 dibawah ini : 

i think that video's the original one... AFAIK its a greek version..
but that's doesn't matter.. doesn't matter who copy who..who plagiat who.. what matter is the value of the video.no need to describe this video since you guys dah tengok vids ni kan.. dah publish kat tv, kat youtube since 2007.

i watched the other version of video last night.. it is in my video's folder.. and all of sudden, i feel very sad.. very touched with this video.. i feel very lonely.. why?

My father passed away at the end of last 2010.. due to an accident.. he's been in ward for 2 month before he go.. it was the saddest moment in my lifetime.. was the toughest time of all..i couldn't bear to watch him... even now i'm still remembered the whole things..

sad things happen.. as a Muslim, we must believe in Qada' and Qadar..when there is life, there will always certainly have death.. everything happen will have some meaning behind it.. we have to accept it as a test of our faith to God.

for those who still have a father, please treasure every moment with him.. that moment could be the last moment you'll have with him.. please love your father the way you love yourself and the way you love your mother.. i may have lost my father, but the love and memories for him will not be gone forever.. i love my ayah!

Father's day are not too far from now on..  The day is observed on different days in different countries but most countries celebrate it on the second Sunday in the month of June. Father's Day 2011 will be celebrated on Sunday, June 19th in most of the countries worldwide.

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