20 May 2011

Why do we so like Windows?

windows is ruining our lifetime good mood!
since Win2000, microsoft have made a good GUI user wise OS.
since then we've been stuck to UI. we always depends to UI. no more command-line program.
but honestly UI make us do more to do simple task.
like clicking this, that, and that just to open a file.
sangat susah dan menyusahkan.
windows juga sangat mudah di hack, diserang virus. 
2000 is a stone-aged OS.
tak tahu samada end user masih guna atau da pupus. but certainly microsoft have ended support for Win2000 since last few years.

XP security is at laughable state. easily cracked and hacked. easily to crashed, so much security loophole. but yet is the most profitting and most widely used in the whole world and it holds half of the OS usage percentage in the world.
sangat ramai guna XP, even user Seven and Vista nak guna balik XP. but why use Kancil if we have Caddilac engine? some people just won't get it do they.
Vista? not worth of talking. it's a complete failure. do you really don't believe it? 
well if we use Seven that would be make sense. Vista is an upgrade version of XP yet its not operating wisely like the XP. get the logic? Vista is a failure. no one using Vista and that proves it.
Seven? well, its a state of the art OS. i woudl say well done to Microsoft. great UI, great important imporvement and changes. everyone must use Seven. its worth of your few hundreds ringgit..
harga Windows Seven memang mahal kalu banding kat Malaysia. tapi its worth it la kalu nak tahu.
even kalau guna pirated version kita masih boleh get daily updates, and even kalu WAT notification  keluar, just patch the crack and it works again.

haha! so much for a windows talk! kalu nak banding ngan all other OSes, windows is still in its own class!


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