12 June 2011

Updated-Senai-Desaru Highway is finally opened

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And so, for the updates, i have snapped few decent images worth to be shown here regarding the new E22 Expressway Senai-Desaru newly opened on last Friday.

As you can see, cuma ada 1 lane track sahaja and laluan sejauh 60++km so by car, it should take less than an hour depends to the traffic flow, by bike should take lesser than that..but that's mean obviously by riding a car, it gonna cause pretty long jam especially during weekend and public holiday. so that's mean you need to plan ahead of your journey next time when you're going to visit Desaru someday. but AFAIK this is just temporary as they might add another one lane, someday i guess.. i mean they can't just leave it like that because that gonna cause massive traffic jam when peak time. sure panjang gile queue kat plaza toll.

its worth of a journey because along the way especially at the bridges, we talking about 3 bridges all the way to the Desaru. you can see beautiful sea scenic with fisherman doing their daily job, with birds flying over the sky, and also not forget to mention  nice ocean breeze and seaside view ngan pokok bakau sume. 

 but main shit is the astonishing architecture of the bridge itself, really awesome engineering works. besar gile even dari jauh da sayup2 kelihatan top of the main pillar punye jambatan.. memang besar enormous bridge la..

but, some difficulties appear here. no RnR along the road. the new one only at Senai - Ulu Tiram expressway. so save up your gases & petrol and some shit up till the next stop at Bandar Penawar. Dekat Plaza tol Penawar, just got 2 ticket toll counter and other TnG and SmartTag counter, tambahan pula incoming vehicles memang xhenti2 lebih2 lagi durning peak hour so at that time bersabar jelah cuz memang akan kena queue lame sket..

juga notice that xde lagi exit, so all journey should end up at Toll Penawar. so kalu nak pergi Kota Johor Lama ke, Crocodiel Farm ke, Teluk Sengat ke kena exit kat Toll Penawar then ahead straight ke arah Kota Tinggi.

ok, that it for now. later i'll update with pictures captured around Desaru, Tg Balau and Batu Layar. keep it tight ya! 

p/s : updated.please navigate here for the updates! thanks!    


HAFIZAL said...

orang kata cepat ikut higway baru...tapi perlu hati2 banyak penyamun

۞мŘ╬äҖŽĽäŊ۞ said...

yes, mmg cpat..kalu normal traffic flow, mmg 1 jam more or less dh smpai..betul ke byk pnyamun? if that's true guys you need to be extra careful.

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