21 June 2011

Saya tak nak ingat itu semua!

Dear readers,

don't you want to forget something..? something that bad, sad memories?
saya juga mahu lupakan sesuatu perkara.
yang menjengkelkan.
yang menyakitkan.
yang menyedihkan.

i prefer to forget it rather than to forgive it.

i am not easily into forgiving anyone.

but, to love is to forgive.
i know that.
so, even sekarang sy msih cuba untuk memaafkan.

so bagaimana nak lupakan something?
even anyone will try to remember more and more things eveyrday..
but kita juga kena tau macamna nak lupakan and let go some things too..
in fact, actually its not that easy to forget just by not thinking of it..

There are still some instances when you just remember them out of the blue, or you encounter things, events, and people which remind you of those memories-and these cannot be avoided. 

but at least we try, and we have.. 

wanna know how i'm doing it?

Drop it dead, Let it go!

kalu nak lupakan something, make sure you are ready to forget it and drop it dead.
pastikan kamu dah sedia untuk lepaskan ingatan itu pergi.
to make it go, you have to let it go first.
let it go..
forgive anything or anyone..
although forginving is the most difficult thing to do. need alot of willpower for this one..
don't take it to your heart..
try to accept it..
jangan simpan dalam hati..kelak your mind and heart's gonna crumbled from inside and you actually can be from good man gone mad man..
jangan ingat balik.
cuba jangan ingat balik. 
kalu teringat, cepat2 distract yourself with another thing.
human mind can only pay attention to only one matter at the moment.
so, everytime your mind trying to show the bad,sad images, try to distract yourself promptly..

Fikirkan something yang funny!


funny thing reallly helps us to relax and forget something bad and sad..
so try to find someting that funny out of those bad and sad memory..
ok jugak kalo nak layan humoric shows..
just to release tension..
bila hati senang, senang la nak lupakan perkara yang xbest..
its ok to laugh more and more..
its a good for your mind and heart's health..
if you actually stop laughting, you are already dead..

Always think positively of what had happened!
great thinker is a mind of a positive thinker.

berfikiran positif sangat penting..
think positive of this life.
don't curse your life.
everyone have their chances if the next moment you're awake, you still breathing. 
so every time you awake at the morning, be thankfull. to God, to your family..
think positively in every possible way..
its ok to lie yourself a bit..
but as long as its positive, its ok..yeah i mean its ok..
setiap apa yg terjadi ada hikmah disebaliknya..
so, take it positively, get the good thing out of it, and throw bad thing of it.

remember, you can always make a different!

Luahkan apa yang berlaku!

tell things happened to your true friend, kawan yang sebenar kawan. 
because only true friend will listen to you whenever you needed them.
tell them everything, put your faith in them.
things akan jadi lebih ringan lebih lapang bila kita luahkan..
like birds flying away..
like a fog clearing up..
dengan luahkan, anda lebih relaks and even its not solved or what, at least someone knew your problem..
so relaks.. 
take thing simple..
talk it out..
more and more..
and to do that, like i said earlier, you need a true friend..
if you don't have it, just write it off..
to your diary..your blog..your books..anything else writable..
that way, everyone know it..just you have to remain anonymous.. dont refer the story to yourselft..kantoi nnti dik oi!

anyway that's all. cheers!

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