12 June 2011

Bagaimana nak buat seks secara selamat?

REMINDER : This post might be a little controversial. You see, some people mungkin tak dapat terima keterbukaan yang ditonjolkan dalam post ni. Please be alerted that no such races, religions or in-person ever related to this post. Just open up your mind a little. This is not a time to get butt-hurted for such matter!

This post is specially dedicated to all teenagers, adik2, abg2, akak2. Moral yg ingin ditekankan disini adalah untuk educate kita teenagers sume mengenai Sex education. sy juga pernah post something pasla these kind of things at here about The Fucked Up Melais. pelase have a look. please admit yourself that you guys know nothing about sexual penetration. stop believing the old-unconfirmed myths! for your own sake, it's time to get educated.and please ignore this post title, its just for the sake of attracting you guys here! hehe


First, what is Contraception?  
Artificial methods in common use include preventing the sperm from reaching the ovum (using condoms, diaphragms, etc), inhibiting ovulation (using oral contraceptive pills), preventing implantation (using intrauterine devices), killing the sperm (using spermicides), and preventing the sperm from entering the seminal fluid (by vasectomy). Also including natural methods like the rhythm method and coitus interruptus.

Senang citer, contraception ialah perlakuan seseorang dengan objektif untuk menghalang kehamilan dari berlaku. You see, there are so many form of contraception that most teenagers deeply believe in it although its not really proven and baseless fact dan semakin ramai remaja yang tidak mendapat informasi yang cukup mengenai hal ini. 

Sini ialah link2 yg proper untuk tahu lebih lanjut pasal contraception:


The young-naive Teenagers
Boleh dikatakan remaja sekarang memang naif mengenai seks, lebih2 lagi perempuan. cuma mahu buat and fucking with each other till dawn but tak mahu responsible and do preventive method from potential pregnancy. And that is so stupid! that's why so much cases like throwing babies into trashcan and dump the babies and feed them to stray dogs. such inhuman act that even animal do care for their babies.

The Myth!
Most remaja cuma mahu percaya pada these myths untuk sedapkan hati sndri. that is a proof of living ignorant. there's few common myths heard all these time like : 

a) Showering / mandi selepas having sex.
b) Douche it with water after having sex.
c) Withdrawal Method.
d) Having sex while the woman stands up / sex secara berdiri.
e) Having sex within period time.
f) Having sex a week before the mid - cycle / safe period.

you see, all of these myths is totally blunt and wrong. Showering after sex activity xkan boleh menghalang pregnancy and so do douche it immediately. even when stand up, stop thinking that sperma kamu tidak dapat berenang or some shit. Hello, the sperm swims up into vagina really fast and even kamu berdiri from start to the end, dengan direct ejaculation, some million of sperm sudah pun berenang dan sampai ke sana. Don't fool yourself!

Right on the nuts!

What we should realize?

Even wearing condom will not be a assurance untuk halang pregnancy JIKA  tidak dipakai secara konsisten dan dilakukan dengan teliti dan berhati - hati. So dear teenagers, please get yourself educate before kamu menyusahkan manusia lain dan melayakkan diri kamu dalam kategori "kecik2 xnak mampus da besar menyusahkan orang" ini... Period! Soal sex bukan lagi perkara taboo yang tidak boleh dibincangkan secara umum. zaman atuk nenek boleh la. Sekarang lain. tidak lagi. Tahukah anda setiap tahun, there are steadily increasing of cases involve underage and teenagers as early as 14 years old yg dah pun terdedah pade benda2 sebegini, even some of them already had sex at such young age!! Wake up dear readers! Its time to change. I am not talking from the side of religious aspect. this is just from the aspect of social responsibility awareness. So, do these :

Stop believing in these busted myths!

Stop doing sex before legal marriage!
Stop doing unprotected sex!

Stop doing abortion!
Stop dumping babies around!

Stop being so ignorant cock-sucker and get your fat-assed educated!

source : newsundaytimes

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