12 February 2011

The annoying Mentor!

hye. selamat hari hari. didn't you guys ever care to know anything about Mentor, a reality-oriented program on searching talent on singing? i do. i do care. been following it since the first season. and i'd say, it sucks. yeah lads, it suck you to the sack!!

one thing i like to point out is the mentor-protege system. you see, every season they've changing the mentor from one singer to another. i'd say it's a good thing. produce a variety of genre that these new singer could try out.

but, lately the ads showing the mentor say what they want with their soon-to-be protege, like they always did since the beginning. they want them to be able to sing wide range of genre. i say what the fuck? yeah Mentor, what the fuck!

look, what is the purpose of Mentor? untuk menacri bakat baru? untuk mencari pelapis baru? serba boleh? boleh menyanyikan berbagai2 lagu? shit man. like you wanna them come with all-in-one package.

pada aku, kalu protege ni dah boleh menyanyikan bebagai2 lagu, for god sake mereka takkan masuk loser-cheap-assed Mentor!!  i thought Mentor is a place for talented boys & gurls to sharpen their talent. but all i can see is we Malaysian are definitely running out of talent for god sake. WTH? anyone agreed with me?

and 1 more thing, the mentor are fucking out of their time la bastard. whats with the old rock star shitting out of his lousy pant? not retired already? some big-mama too old already to shout high note shit? go and find some new flavour. new guy. and perhaps from out of the town? like international star? must set a higher standard.

i you guys ever remembered, which one of the winner from every season is really out there still standing on their feet in this Malaysian entertainment industry? i'd say none dude! cus we the new generation of listener want a new flavour, new juice for our fucking ear-pussies!!

if you ask me, i'd say no to Mentor. but i did not fully shitting the Mentor. Black is one of a kind, he's good, god-gifted man with high tone of voice. he's trully a gifted. and talented guy without any arguement will only come once in a really while. so i say the rest (not all of them) of Mentor's protege is a dimwitted-cheap-assed wanna be singer. go home and do some lousy chores. you are not really ready to be a singer. i sadden, really i do.

okay thats all for today.hope you guys really enjoy of my lightweight post.. see you soon.


Budak Botak said...

wktu audition tgk ada yg merayu2 nk masuk. WTF, he3...

۞мŘ╬äҖŽĽäŊ۞ said...

yeah dude..i felt like what is this shit... like that was their only option for living up..

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