31 December 2010

Parents, Keep Reality Show or some shit away form your kids!

I'm sure no one did not know about all of the flooding reality show. who didn't know Idola Kecil which is already been on 3rd season. even Pakcik Kamal Pengacau Dodol knew this. see the influences??

Firstly, what BENEFIT could it be from entering this show? Let me guess?


let me make you realise, none of those are going to secure your kids future. NONE!

Parents who intentionaly let their kids on such show, i consider them as CHILDREN-ABBUSIVE-ASSHOLE!


 Its a job for a parents to make sure their kids is safe, i mean safe from any exterior influences, bad examples & bad people.

But, when you let your kids attending reality show like that, you just sell them to outer-not-so-bright-reality world.

You parents should know more than anyone that you should give them proper way to achieve their dream. Raise them in a good environment, away from outside influences. 

Entertainment business is just not fit for a child.At any possible mean. they just have one children moment. treasure them. treat them the way they deserve. they are what we make them are. 

 I should say media influences plays big role that will affecting their personality when they grew up someday. 

there will always be another way to achieve dream..

remember, no short way to achieve victory, safely!

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