19 December 2010

Please don't lie to kids!!

A guy is sunbathing nude at the beach. A little girl comes up to him, so he covers his privates with a newspaper..
The little girl says, 'What's under there?'
The man says, 'A bird.'
The girl goes away and the man falls asleep. He wakes up in a hospital and in great pain. A doctor & a policeman are at his bed, and the Dr. asks, 
Do you remember what happened?
The man answers,
I don't know. I was at the beach and I fell asleep after talking to a little girl.
The policeman says,
I asked her what happened? 
She said, 
Ididn't do anything to the man, but while he was sleeping, I played with his bird. Then it spit at me! ...so I broke its neck, burned its nest, and smashed its two little eggs!
 p/s : lie is a one form of reason..

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