09 February 2011

Annoying people with annoying behaviour - Pt 1

i may sound like a true haters. you may called me emo boy or nagging boy. but believe I've met guys who so annoyed that makes me write this continuous posts about annoying people. please spend your little time reading this post. you may turn to find out that we have some things in common :

    people who don't have a good sense of car park. they often park their car anywhere and everywhere they like. mereka suka letak kereta di tepi jalan, di tepi lorong, di belakang kereta orang, kemudian buat muka x bersalah seperti nenek tiri mereka yang punya itu jalan. fuck them. fuck them hard in their face! they even didn't light any signal or anything that will tell people that they actually park their car at that place. what a dork. what a big loser!  

    i find it the most annoying people in the whole shitty world. yes, i am talking about you, goddamn ciggar smoker. you smoke that burning thing like no one else around you. while you subconsciously inhale that 40 thousand of chemicals, we who are around you are the second passive smoker. you muthafacka!  while you draining your life slowly, you are also making us do the same. kalau nak mati cepat, sila mati cepat bersendirian. jangan tarik orang lain disekeliling kamu sekali. kamu adalah trash. 
    more will come as we'll meet more of these kind of irritating people. please wait for the part 2!

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