26 February 2011

Shitty freaking daily life...

nothing out of ordinary..
fleeing to MITC..
searching for a decent hand blow-jobs..
nothing much thou..
head as heavy as cow shit..
gotta spend much more money..
for car's repairment..
shitty thing..

one way or another, need to pay it...
so afraid of my money being drained away in no time..
hope can make it to the next day..
plan's still in effect..
its just the plan didnt started yet..
while waiting, cursing the goddamn smoker..
voluntarily killing themselves, in the same time try to take you to die together..
fuck them hard in the face..
curse the smoker...
u better suck on my big-long dick..
mode for now : irritated..
got a feeling to write..
thats how this post posted..
just mumbling..
for her..
for the right her...
still no her till now..
i'm lost even i am in the right road..
god guide me..
i need to pee myself..
i cant wait anymore..
where are you?
where are you??
god i need money....
clean money i mean..
there's no shorter way to be rich..
far from reality..
i still need it..
i am cheating my own mind...
i think i am fine..
all by myself...
but it'll remain as a lies...

hands broken to pieces..
while i am still strong-willed...
god guide me..
i beg for your mercy...
dont let me fall again..

time to snap it all out...
time to realized it all..
time to throw it all..
may i be a little more mature on my own emotian..
dude if you wanna smoke..
please be my pleasure to..
but, the tip is..
you need to know when you need to stop..

i was once a smoker.
then, some day i realized myself..
hey, i had it and i need to stop..
then i stopped..
now, almost 5 month without the cigs..

flee away from me..
gonna leave the mortal plane...!!!

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