03 January 2011

Karam Singh Walia : Hina Melayu Secara Sengaja?

Dear all,

please view the video. please ask yourself what we are missing the main point here. and please if you watching this video from Youtube, please ignore the comments. half of it is just bullshitting you, seriously.

let me tell you what it is. the main issue is KSW is drunk, thus making him talk nonsense.

people will talk anything they want when they're drunk, i mean all people. that's why Islam forbidding  Arak. but still some Muslim did drink it.. see the point?

but wait, did he really was drunk? so, it will be void since no one can confirm that he was drunk at that time.

so, i'm raising another main point here, KSW is intentionally humoring one of the main race in malaysia, Malay.

but, hold on. did he really said that with or without real intention?

as far as my rasional and wide-minded thinking, he is not said those lines with rasional mind, no one with sane mind would say those kind of lines anyway, except if you are Namwee or your the head of other native race in Malaysia. he was drunk anyway. even if you did, you might get decapitated in no time..haha..

so, that also did not count as main point here.

okay, let me raise with another main point of theory here. some bunch of malays inside some Mamak stalls wasting their pathetic-wasting of time-life that get really buthurt when they've heard some Singh guy just hummiliate  their own race, which is in this case, Malay.

so, due to being badly butt-hurted & with a sense of defending own race, with a lot of malay's crowd with a lot of kampung-samseng guy, i think its a good situation for those malay's to shouting, cursing, spitting shit about race or whatsoever, this is where Malays show their own color.

when the very own writer that write this post is a Malay(well, not too malay since my roots are coming from Tanah Jawa), i frankly felt that all of those actions showed by Malay's adult, is unnecessarily. a foolish-immature-narrow minded action.

this is the moment where other race says, "oh, this is a Malay", "my god, are Islam teach these things to them?" or "Stupid race pathetic-ball-sacked malay warrior, you should politely ask him a apologize announcement".  is this what we really want to prove to the people out there?

this is the result. when there is a action, there will be a consequences. i guess we all already knew that, but did we? yet we still take action without actually rationally thinking.

i think this is the day we should start stand together as a Muslim of Islam. we rise & defend our own pride and dignity as a Muslim. let us return to the rightful path, showed by our Rasulullah S.A.W. please do not keep bragging about simple-excluded issue. before you say anything that might make you look like a moron, please review and study our own history of mankind.

so, moral of the story? i let you guys think and decide on that. but for me, the guy's apologized. he admitted it and he regretted it. and he should be punished with legal act and law to prevent such thing happening again someday, so you guys should do proper police report and bring this to court instead of creating your own court at some decent Mamak's stall. Cheers!

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